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Become a Seller on Amazon and get a $50,000 bonus: there has never been a better time

– Written by Jérôme de Guigné

Amazon has launched a package of incentives for new sellers, including a $50,000 bonus.

If you’re thinking of joining Amazon, there has never been a better time. As well as the $50,000 bonus (€45,000 in Europe, £40,000 in the UK), you can get credit on Amazon services and advertising, and you’ll be able to get your account up, running and growing, faster than ever before.

The incentives help new sellers get established more quickly, by helping you get reviews, nurture customer service and grow your business through advertising.

They also incentivise you to cost-effectively explore best practice on Amazon, including enrolling on Brand Registry and signing up to FBA.

What are the incentives?

Sellers who are new to Amazon this year and have enrolled as a Brand Owner in Brand Registry, benefit from:

Sellers who are new to Amazon this year and are using Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) benefit from:

New sellers using Amazon Coupons benefit from:

Who is eligible?

The programme’s available for new Brand Owners, new Sellers using FBA, and new Coupons users. You have to have listed your first buyable ASIN on Amazon on 1 January 2022 or later. It’s available in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

What does e-Comas think?

We think this could be a real foot in the door for new sellers. The $50,000 bonus is very exciting, of course, but there’s loads of benefits here. The $200 of Sponsored Products will help you get set up with Amazon’s easy-to-use pay-per-click advertising, a must for any new seller.

The Vine programme is fantastic for generating reviews, which is one of the biggest frustrations for new sellers on Amazon. The credits for Transparency, too, is a boon, as making sure your products look legitimate and trustworthy is another challenge when you set up.

Play around with the Coupons function and see how irresistible the lure of a good discount is – your conversion rate will shoot up.

The way the programme has been designed – incentivising the legitimisation of your brand, and offering you fast, easy ways to ensure your content converts – works well for Amazon, too. We think it’s a really smart programme – and it’s great to see new sellers being supported by Amazon itself.

For even more support when setting up your Amazon account, look no further than e-Comas – we’re a friendly team of experts, who know the ins and outs of Amazon, and we can ensure your launch is a complete success. Get in touch today and let us help you achieve that $50,000 bonus!

The e-Comas glossary for new sellers

ASIN: Amazon Standard Identification Number, the unique code identifying each product on Amazon.

Brand Registry: Amazon’s system for brands to protect their intellectual property. Brands who are enrolled with Brand Registry can ensure they’re the only sellers on Amazon selling their product. More about Brand Registry here.

Coupons: Amazon’s classic money-off-at-checkout scheme. Also known as Amazon Vouchers, Coupons are displayed on your product listing and act as an extra incentive for customers: we find they’re great for conversion.

FBA: The Fulfilled by Amazon programme allows Sellers to ship their products to Amazon warehouses, so Amazon takes care of delivery, as well as customer returns. It can save Sellers lots of work and make their delivery times faster and more reliable, a crucial factor for customers.

PPC: Pay-per-click advertising: also called Sponsored Ads or CPC (cost-per-click), this is the model whereby you pay every time your ad is clicked on by a customer. You can set a budget limit and it’s very easy to track. Read more here.

Seller: Basically, Sellers on Amazon sell their products ON Amazon, while Vendors sell their products TO Amazon. Most accounts on Amazon start as Seller. Amazon invites successful Sellers to be Vendors. Both methods have benefits: read more about Vendors and Sellers.

Transparency: Amazon’s product serialisation service, designed to tackle counterfeits. Your individual units are given codes that Amazon scans during shipping to make sure they’re authentic. Customers can scan the codes too, and you can give them more information about where the product was made and when. More information here.

Vendor: See Seller, above.

Vine: Amazon invites customers who have provided helpful reviews in the past to become Vine Voices. It sends samples to Vine Voices to elicit genuine reviews. This is pretty much the only Amazon-approved way you can ‘cheat’ at getting reviews. Read more here.

Thinking about getting started on Amazon? Get in touch today to find out how we can help you with a successful launch.