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Content Syndication

We’re proud Salsify partners, helping you win on the digital shelf with its leading Product Information Management (PIM) and Syndication solution. From organising your content across multiple platforms to routine maintenance, we offer a range of implementation and managed services.

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World class expertise for PIM & syndication

3 principles for winning on the digital shelf

Just like traditional retail, the digital shelf requires extreme focus and discipline to drive maximum growth and beat your competition. But the guiding principles to achieve that growth are different.

  1. Engage shoppers everywhere : Content has become your brand’s packaging on the digital shelf.
  2. Execute commerce strategies fast : New channels represent opportunities that may or may not work for your business. You must learn fast, scale what works, and stop what doesn’t.
  3. Be your customers' best partner : Delivering the content your retailers and distributors need makes you a partner they will prioritise, driving even more growth for your business.
Grow in retail

Our partnership with Salsify

Salsify can optimise your PIM, fully operationalising your product content so that you can act quickly on data-driven insights, evolving your business and engaging your customers.

We can implement Salsify on your behalf to organise your content and upload it to all marketplaces. Our team of experts can also help you manage your day-to-day business activities on Salsify.

  1. Fractured

    Product Content is in-house, bespoke, (xls and ERP) and has no clear ownership.

  2. Activated

    Foundational product content is easily managed and is accurately and successfully activated on the digital shelf.

  3. Enhanced

    Product experiences are enhanced with rich content that yield improved engagement and ROI.

  4. Managed

    The PXM capability is fully implemented, and actively leveraged for omnichannel product experiences.

  5. Optimised

    The PXM program is fully operationalised across business units and data-driven decisions from analytics and insights are quickly acted on - fostered through a business culture focused on experimentation and continuous improvement.