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How to advertise on Amazon: the four best ways to spend your advertising budget

– Written by Jérôme de Guigné

What’s the quickest way to grow on Amazon? Advertise. 

That’s what we tell all our clients. Then we tell them that advertising your Amazon listings is usually cost-effective and can see a return on ad spend (ROAS) very quickly indeed.

And there are plenty of ways to do it. You’re not limited to sponsoring your listings so they come higher up in search: there are lots of ways, on Amazon and off Amazon, to drive traffic to your products.

These are our favourite ways to advertise.

Sponsored Ads

Also known as PPC (pay-per-click) or CPC (cost-per-click), Sponsored Ads are the classic advertising method on Amazon – and still hugely effective.

It’s a simple model: you decide on your budget, so you never spend more than you want to. You only pay when someone clicks, so you know people are seeing your products.

And it’s keyword-based advertising: your ads appear on search pages, in front of an audience who are already shopping. Shopping for products like yours.

It’s probably the most effective form of advertising ever invented.

Amazon DSP

Launched more recently, Amazon’s Demand-side platform (DSP) advertising allows centralised media buying across the Amazon network. 

It is a powerful audience targeting platform allowing advertisers to address very precise audiences based on Amazon’s massive database of buying behaviour and intent signals. 

It allows you to target Lifestyle Audiences, In-Market Audiences and also audiences that you build yourself, based on views or purchases of your products or those of your competitor.

The DSP is a powerful advertising engine which works at a higher level of spending and impact than Amazon Sponsored Ads. It is available as a managed service if you can meet the hefty minimum spend - or otherwise via agencies with a seat at the self-service table, like e-Comas. 

Google Ads

Did you know a huge proportion of Amazon’s traffic comes from Google searches?

Many shoppers tend to search for products on Google even if they already have the intention of buying them on Amazon.

‘Amazon’ is often included in the search terms in these cases, and even if it’s not, Amazon products in the results still get a high click-through rate.

Lots of Amazon sellers now use Google Ads to advertise their Amazon listings. Similar to Amazon Sponsored Ads and easy to use, it’s very effective, with a massive ROAS.

Facebook and Instagram

Social media is booming as an advertising space, helped along by influencer culture and the blurring of the boundaries between it and eCommerce. Just look at Amazon Posts and Amazon Live to see how well social media and retail go together.

You can gain followers for your Facebook, Instagram and other accounts AND drive traffic to your Amazon listings by advertising. It’s just as simple and budget-friendly as it is on Amazon and Google, with the added bonus of being able to target specific demographics.

Traffic from off-Amazon can improve your rankings, so it’s well worth trying.

Amazon even helps you do it, by offering Amazon Attribution - an analytical measuring tool that lets you see how well your non-Amazon advertising is performing for your Amazon listings. 

e-Comas is an official Amazon Advertising Partner, as well as a Google Ads Partner, and our team is made up of seasoned digital marketers. If you want any help with your advertising campaigns, drop us a line and let’s chat!