How Our Journey Started

e-Comas (formerly The Great Wall) was founded in 2013 by eCommerce expert Jérôme de Guigné, with the simple idea of helping brands sell products online. We quickly realised just how many companies were struggling with Amazon, facing issues including communication, strategising, and business in general. That’s when “Amazon Made Simple” was born, which later became “eCommerce Made Simple” - e-Comas.

The E-Commerce Growth Model

The E-Commerce Growth Model

Our eCommerce Growth Model is the foundation of the work we do – be it training, mentoring, strategising, or account management.

Having the right strategy, along with the proper teams, processes, culture, and operations, is key to finding success in eCommerce. Your company should aim to achieve two goals:
- Offer a great customer experience with high-end content that drives conversion
- Bring eyeballs to your products to grow sales and buyer-traffic

e-Comas Today

e-Comas now helps major multinational brands with their expansion strategies on Amazon. With a hands-on approach, our experts coach brands and handle their accounts, and we also provide starting packages for beginners on Amazon.

Our Mission, Vision, and Purpose

We want to build a sustainable business model so we can help other companies build successful and sustainable empires. We want to be recognised as a global eCommerce partner that enables businesses to achieve sustainable growth. Above all, we want to help you grow your company and achieve global prosperity through our hard work and dedication.

Real Results we have Delivered – our Stats

- Increased sales: x 5 within 2 years
- Up to 50% cost reduction on operations
- Implementation of successful global Amazon distribution

Our Stats Graph

e-Commerce Made Simple

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