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A Global, Full Service Amazon & Marketplace Agency

How it started

Jérôme with a thinking face

e-ComaseCommerce Made Simple was founded by Jérôme de Guigné in 2013, with the simple idea of helping brands sell products online. We quickly realised companies were struggling with establishing profitable and sustainable eCommerce strategies. That’s when ‘Amazon Made Simple’ was born, which later became ‘eCommerce Made Simple’ –e-Comas.

How it's going

e-Comas Europe team picture
e-Comas India team picture

Today our experts coach brands and handle their accounts to sustainably grow their business and improve their agility in tackling everyday challenges with online retail. Working across Amazon, Shopify, CDiscount, Veepee, Bol, Walmart and more, we get you set up, we scale your business and make it profitable, handling your account, content and advertising.
Put simply, we help brands grow faster on eCommerce – globally, quickly, across multiple online channels!

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