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A Global, Full Service Amazon & Marketplace Agency

World class expertise to create your Shopify eStore!

The context of eCommerce is evolving, with the importance of native commerce, the need for a selling branded website is critical for brands.

Native eCommerce

  • Web shop
  • Google logoGoogle shop
  • Instagram logoInstagram shop
  • Facebook shop
  • Amazon logoBrand shop


  • Supply Chain
  • Order Management
  • Customer Service


  • Creation
  • Organisation (DAM / PIM)
  • Syndication

Each platform is working as a silo, keeping customers inside their environment. It becomes of importance for brands to be able to speak the language (in terms of technology, logistics and tactics) of these platforms, but also to have it’s own eCommerce website.

Why Shopify?

We proudly partner with Shopify, the leading eCommerce platform allowing brands to build and manage their own standalone online retail stores. Shopify is the third largest online retailer behind Amazon and eBay in the US, with 20% market share.
We believe Shopify is one of the keys to a successful omni-channel online retail strategy.
Running a Shopify store alongside your Amazon and other eCommerce accounts can boost your sales and amplify your brand.

Some facts about Shopify:

  • Shopify is the fastest growing online store builder in the world.
  • Shopify is the most searched eCommerce solution.
  • In 2019, 62 million buyers worldwide made repeat purchases on Shopify stores.
  • From 2019 to 2020, Shopify stores saw an increase of 40% in customers.
  • Shopify buyers purchased 3.8 times on average from the same store.

What we will do

Our strength is to support brands on their e-Commerce journey, on marketplaces and on their own eCommerce Shopify website. Our roadmap in three steps follows these steps:


Our process will start with:

  1. Au audit of your existing online presence.
  2. Support to design your eCommerce strategy.
  3. Briefing on your products and brand.
  4. Development of your Shopify Site.
  5. Daily Management of the site.