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Data & Technology

Data can reveal what's happening in your business and predict trends, but making sense of it all can be a challenge. Cut the guesswork and navigate the complexities of big eCommerce data with our expertise and the latest technology to steer your brand to success.

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Maximise performance with data & tech

Get better visibility over your business and make data-driven decisions that propel growth and success with e-Comas. Our custom-built reporting tool, Compas, collates all your sales, advertising, and product information in a single place. So, you can easily see the big picture of your business and understand how different aspects impact your sales.
Supported by our expert analysts, our unique frameworks and sophisticated intelligence tools decode your reams of eCommerce data, helping you to make the right business decisions quickly and confidently.
But that’s not all. We're all about using technology wisely to get the best results. That's why we team up with the top platforms out there. We gather data from various sources and use automation tools to bring you maximum value. It's tech-savvy awesomeness that streamlines processes and saves you tons of time.

Our Expertise

Tap into the power of your big data analytics and make better business decisions with our seasoned experts and powerful technology.

Market Intelligence

With insights from our analytics, you'll be ready to make informed decisions and propel your business forward. We analyse your total addressable market, track competitor performances and decode search demands to give you a clearer picture of where you stand.

Advanced Forecasting

Our team anticipates future trends using state-of-the-art analytics, allowing you to plan confidently. Stay ahead of the curve, optimise your inventory and secure your financial future by harnessing the power of data-driven insights for robust and reliable forecasting.

Data Strategy

We begin by evaluating your existing data infrastructure aligning it with strategic KPIs tailored to your specific market and brand goals. Our team provides forecasting assistance, using analytics to drive informed decision-making, resulting in robust P&L development.


Using our unique COMAINDE framework (Collection, Management, Insights, Decisions), we provide tailored training to enhance your team's ability to understand and use eCommerce data. This specialised approach empowers you to make data-driven decisions, leveraging key insights to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Custom BI Development

With access to over 100 data sources, including Amazon, Shopify, and various ad platforms, we build your dream dashboard to display eCommerce performance across channels. Our ability to consolidate this data enables a true Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER), offering actionable insights.

Compas Dashboard

Tailored for brands selling on Amazon and wanting to track efficiency and attribution across multiple other channels (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads), we’ve created the Compas dashboard, which helps brands navigate the Amazon landscape with precision and agility.

Amazon Marketing Cloud

Our experts specialise in running tailored queries to answer your most pressing Amazon Marketing Cloud questions. With us by your side, leverage deep insights and make informed decisions, amplifying your brand's success on Amazon.


Partner with us and harness the full capabilities of Salsify, making PIM more streamlined and effective for your business. Our team not only assists with the day-to-day tasks of using Salsify but also expertly integrates new features tailored to your instance.

D2C Website Development

We craft tailored eCommerce sites leveraging top platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. Our team of expert developers ensures your website not only looks stunning but also functions flawlessly, creating a seamless shopping experience for customers.

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The benefits

Future-proof your eCommerce business with a data-driven strategy that helps you make smarter and faster decisions based on the facts.

Know your customers

Get a deeper understanding of your customers and identify trends to tailor your marketing efforts to specific demands.

Competitive advantage

Respond more quickly to market changes, adapt to customer preferences and outperform the competition.

Informed decision-making

The numbers don’t lie. Make smarter business choices based on concrete evidence rather than relying on gut feeling.

Optimise your budgets

Allocate resources to the most effective marketing channels and optimise your advertising spend to maximise return on investment.

See The Results

Saving time through upload automation

When you have thousands of product listings, you need a robust solution for content management and upload. Here’s how we and our partners at Salsify helped a leading tyres brand save time and improve consistency.


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