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e-Comas Compas Dashboard - Release Notes

– Written by Claudiu Clement

/seller Release Notes (Feb 3 ‘23) V1.4

  1. Removed SKU column from Sales/DeepDive ASIN table due to innacuracies
  2. Improved accuracy of Inventory section
  3. Redesigned visualizations across the reports
  4. Fixed bug of data being limited to only 2022 in the Overview main table

/seller Release Notes (Mar 3 ‘23) V1.5

  1. Added currency toggle
  2. Fixed main KPIs visualization limitation
  3. Fixed bestseller table inaccuracies
  4. KPI calculation improvements
  5. Fixed inventory section inaccuracies

/vendor Release Notes (Mar 3 ‘23) V1.2

  1. TACOS KPI bug fixed
  2. Various data innacuracies fixed