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Streamline your processes and create custom catalogues: 3 Salsify features you never knew you needed

– Written by Jérôme de Guigné

At e-Comas we love Salsify. It’s a fantastic Product Information Management (PIM) platform for centralising your content, ensuring wherever your products appear online, the information attached is entirely up-to-date and consistent. It saves you loads of time, and helps you win on the digital shelf.

These days everyone shops around. When consumers are shopping for products, they’ll check prices and other information everywhere – across multiple websites and in-store too. So it’s so important to ensure your PIM is up to scratch: consistency is one of the most obvious markers of a professional, reputable brand.

You can boost your brand, keep customers happy and drive conversion by using Salsify to centralise all of your product content.

Salsify also offers many special features, allowing you to enhance your product listings and streamline your operations, too.

Here are three of the big ones, which our clients use all the time.

Enhanced Content

Also commonly known as A+ or ‘below the fold’ content, Enhanced Content (EC) allows Amazon sellers to create an engaging consumer experience that drives conversion.

The benefits of having EC are massive. Consumers almost expect to see it these days; you’ve probably gone to buy a product on Amazon yourself, and scrolled down looking for it without even thinking.

As well as providing consumers with more information, good EC gives a feel not just for the product but for the brand as a whole. It can also help the consumer’s sense that the product or brand is reputable and legitimate, giving them peace of mind and making them more likely to convert.

What does Salsify’s EC feature do?

Salsify’s intuitive, easy-to-use EC tool allows clients to create an engaging consumer experience that drives conversion. It provides templates that are proven to attract consumers, gathering the meaningful modules into an attractive layout in just a few clicks.

Clients can also apply the same template to many products, saving a lot of time on manual creation for each ASIN. You can create once and apply that creation to a list of products; you can then bulk-edit that list of products. You can preview the template and share it within your organisation.

How can e-Comas help?

The team at e-Comas can assist you in setting up your A+ layouts. We’re experts in what EC should look like and the minimal content you need to win on the digital shelf. We can help you follow best practice for creating engaging layouts and mapping your content.

Digital Catalog

Having all your product information in one place is one thing. But can you share that product information easily? Can you give access to your salespeople on the road, or to distributors who only sell a few of your products?

You can with Salsify’s Digital Catalog tool.

What does Salsify’s Digital Catalog feature do?

It allows you to share catalogues with internal and external teams, such as sales and customer care staff, without them requiring access to Salsify.

You can customise your catalogues to different audiences, displaying only relevant products to different groups. They are fully searchable, can include all kinds of content including high-res images, and they’ll always be up to date and in sync with your PIM.

How can e-Comas help?

We can help clients create their digital catalogues and train teams to use them and share them, as well as create additional catalogues.


A less well-known benefit of Salsify is its Workflow tool, allowing businesses to implement new processes across their organisation as efficiently as possible.

What does Salsify’s Workflow feature do?

Salsify Workflow is a no-code process-building workspace that allows you to model business processes, regardless of how simple or complex they are, and then stay up to date with their progress.

Whether you want to speed up your products’ time to market, reduce your operating costs, save time, or increase revenue – or all of them – you can create the process simply and intuitively in Salsify. It helps create a more collaborative approach in your business and track every step of the process.

You can assign the right tasks to the right people or groups of people cutting down on meetings and email communication.

How can e-Comas help?

We can help you set up a Workflow and make recommendations.

We can advise you on where to start and how to approach building a new workflow: for example, often it’s best to start small and not try to build a complete end-to-end process. As always, we’re on hand to assist customers at any step in the process.

At e-Comas we work closely with the Salsify team: their product content expertise, combined with our eCommerce strategy, operations and traffic know-how, make an unstoppable combination. To get started on Salsify, or to find out more, contact our team today!