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Amazon's self-service picture localisation tool is now available for Sellers

– Written by Jérôme de Guigné

Localisation of pictures is finally available to Sellers as well as Vendors, and it’s a game changer for Account Managers.

Last year Amazon finally released a new tool to allow Amazon Vendors to localise their pictures on listings. The ‘country specific upload’ tool lets you choose different images for different countries – hugely useful for targeting your content to different markets.

Previously, your images for an ASIN would appear on every listing under that ASIN worldwide, which could be disastrous for, say, a Japanese Vendor with text-heavy images trying to sell their products in Europe.

Sorting out images was a massive headache, involving weeks of talking to Amazon. Country Specific Upload shortened that process down to the time it takes to click a few buttons.

Rolled out to Vendors first, Amazon has now made it available for Sellers, too.

How did localisation work in the past?

Previously, all images uploaded to a single ASIN were displayed globally by default.

If you wanted to localise your pictures – for example, upload images that contain native language – you had to open a case with Amazon through each of your accounts or markets. You had to add a zip folder containing the images to upload, and be precise on which marketplace you would like these images to be displayed.

It could take ages. One e-Comas customer wanted localised pictures across 45 ASINs in two marketplaces: it required the e-Comas team to open 74 cases with Amazon, with daily follow-up on each one.

What’s changed about the process?

The Country Specific Upload self-service tool allows you to do it in a couple of clicks, without any back-and-forth with Amazon.

It’s great news for all brands and account managers. It has already saved us hours of time with our Vendor customers, and now it’s making a difference with Sellers, too.

Why should I localise pictures, anyway?

We’re big fans of localisation because we think it makes a real impact on your conversion rates: good content = good conversion.

Localised content means plenty of relevant images, strong keywords in the right language, and accurately-translated text that appeals to the audience. That gives you the best chance of wowwing your customers and converting into sales.

Conversion is affected by bad translations; customers are less likely to trust the Seller and therefore buy the product if they can tell the content wasn’t written by a native. We recommend using a professional translations service: our friends at YLT Translations are the best.

What we like about the Country Specific Upload tool - apart from the work it saves us - is that it gives us the time and scope to create graphic design in different languages for our clients.

Talk to us today about localising your content and mastering conversion on Amazon globally!