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Social media on Amazon: Why you should try Posts (and not just because it’s free!)

– Written by Jérôme de Guigné

What is Amazon Posts?

Posts allow your customers to “explore your products with a free, immersive, image-first experience,” says Amazon.

The idea is to show your products in action – in realistic settings to inspire shoppers and persuade them to browse your feed.

It’s Amazon’s version of social media: Posts consist of an image, a caption and a link, and appear on detail pages, in feeds for related products, and in category-based feeds, as well as on your own Brand Store as a sub-page.

Amazon automatically places Posts based on relevance and customer engagement. There’s a good chance they’ll end up on your competitors’ detail pages, so they’re great for ‘competitor conquesting’ - and will allow you to defend your own product detail pages from competitors.

What’s the idea behind it?

The idea is to create a Twitter or Instagram-style experience. Amazon encourages brands to post the same product-focused content they already post on social media, with the same regularity.

Shoppers can then scroll through products, for more casual online shopping than the usual Amazon experience, which relies on the shopper already having an idea of what they want.

As with other social media, the focus is on new content: Amazon encourages Posts with new products, deals and best sellers, “to help maintain a consistent presence on Amazon”.

Your customers can ‘follow’ you, so they’re kept up to date with your deals and new products.

Alas it’s only available in the USA for now, while it’s in beta version. We’re hoping it comes to Europe and beyond soon.

The Posts dashboard lets you see which Posts are performing best

Do Posts drive up traffic?


Posts offers a dashboard, so you can see how each individual Post performs, including clicks, engagement and reach – allowing you to gauge what kind of content works best.

As yet the dashboard doesn’t provide sales data for Posts, but one of our clients has received 498 product clicks from Posts – that’s 498 FREE clicks – in the last three months.

You can set up Posts even if you don’t advertise with Amazon.

For our clients, we always recommend choosing strong lifestyle images with an appealing tagline. Obviously the more attractive your Posts are, the more likely it is that customers will click on them and the more likely they will convert to sales. We recommend starting with your best-performing products.

It might not be quite as reliable as PPC, but for a free service we see huge value in it. Treat it like your other social media, upload fresh content regularly and you will see an increase in traffic and sales.

If you want any help setting up or managing Posts, get in touch with us today!