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We’ve teamed up with analytics wizards Reveals! Here’s what we can offer brands selling online

– Written by Jérôme de Guigné

We’ve joined up with a fellow Luxembourg business: data experts Reveals.

The partnership gives us the ability to offer analytics and insights services to our clients.

New services

Using Reveals’ data expertise, we can now add useful insights and bespoke API or dashboard-building to our unrivalled collection of eCommerce services.

Our clients can use Reveals to turn the masses of unstructured data they get from Amazon, Shopify and other ecommerce platforms into useful KPIs and predictive indicators, to boost their sales and take their business forward – with help from our expert team when needed.

Clients will be able to see all their data and analytics on one tailor-made dashboard, called their ‘e-Cockpit’. 

Using Reveals in-house

We’ll also be using Reveals to take care of our own data warehouse and reporting needs, streamlining our operations for the benefit of our clients.

This has the added benefit of giving our team an even more in-depth working knowledge of Reveals’ platform, and how it can be used for our customers.

We have also invested in Reveals, becoming a minority shareholder of the young company, which was launched in July this year by data expert David Recchia.

What Jérôme says

Our CEO Jérôme de Guigné says: “Analytics – gathering business insights through data – is key in business in general, but even more in eCommerce, because so much data is made available that it can get overwhelming if not processed and presented well.

“At e-Comas we have always worked with brands providing them weekly updates on the main KPIs using our own LOOTS (LBB, OOS, cOnversion, Tacos, Sales) framework. We have decided to go one step further in partnering with Reveals through a minority share investment.

“With Reveals, and their extensive data expertise, we get to a full new level. They will help in automating data feeds (building secured ‘data pipelines’ through API or web scraping), plus organising the storage and the dynamic dashboarding. This new service will immediately benefit all our existing customers working with us in our account management services.

“But this is also an opportunity for us to start a new analytics offering: helping brands build their own data streams and reporting.

“These are very exciting times, and I believe this is getting us to the next level, integrating Reveals into our team to lead this new analytics service.”

What David says

David Recchia, CEO of Reveals, says: “Our idea is to develop data analytics and insights for e-Comas internally, but also to develop new offers with e-Comas for clients, leveraging our expertise in data acquired in the banking industry.

“Our offer is not just technical, it’s also organisational – we are helping companies put in place the right processes, with dedicated roles related to data, guiding them on their data focus transformation. It is important to have the right data quality controls, the right accountabilities for data governance, and the right skillset for their usage. The objective is to guarantee a continuous improvement of data quality, managing data as an asset.

“Our ambition is to bring complete solutions to customers including predictive indicators, automated and secured data pipelines from the internet, and structured KPIs created from massive and unstructured information.

“We’re excited to be working with e-Comas and growing our young business in the dynamic eCommerce world.”

Want to know how our new partnership will help you? Drop us a line today!