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The surprising relationship between Amazon and Google – and the low-cost, low-risk ways you can benefit

– Written by Jérôme de Guigné

Focused, targeted advertising

It’s estimated that as much as a quarter of Amazon sellers now use Google to advertise their products.

Google is a fantastic low-risk platform for advertisers.

An AdWords campaign converts into sales well because it’s so focused: you can directly target people who are looking for exactly the kind of product you sell.

It’s great value, and offers an unbeatable return on investment: as much as 200%.

People Google Amazon - yes, really

People often search for products on Google even when they have every intention of buying them on Amazon, says Brett Curry of OMG Commerce, speaking to Orange Klik in this webinar.

Including the term ‘Amazon’ in their search – for example “bedsheets on Amazon” or “Amazon bedsheets” - “happens millions of times every single day,” says Brett, and it results in an extremely high click-through rate to Amazon pages.

Even without including ‘Amazon’ in the search term, Amazon results still get a very high click-through rate – up to 15%, says Brett. (Watch the whole webinar, it’s brilliant).

Brett Curry says it's easier to beat your competitors to clicks on Google than on Amazon

Are your competitors stealing clicks?

There are a couple of other things to consider.

We’ve all Googled a brand and found one of their competitors comes up in the ads for that search. Your own competitors might well be using your name in AdWords to steal clicks when people Google your products, so it’s worth advertising just to beat them to those clicks.

Brett Curry also believes that it’s easier to beat your competitors to clicks on Google than on Amazon.

If someone searches your product on Amazon, all your competition is there for them to browse on the results page, complete with listings and images.

On Google, if they find you on AdWords, they’re less likely to notice other brands that come up in that search.

The best place to start

We’ve talked a lot recently about the different ways you can advertise using Amazon itself.

But it’s well worth looking at other digital advertising platforms and social media to drive traffic to your Amazon listings, and Google is probably the best place to start.

It can improve your rankings as well as boosting your sales too, and it’s a very low-cost, low-risk advertising option.

We at e-Comas help brands on Facebook and Instagram as well as Google, where we leverage combined strategies both on and off Amazon.

If you need any assistance advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else, the team at e-Comas will be happy to help – just drop us a line.

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Guess who Google’s biggest advertising client is?

They may be rivals, but #Amazon and #Google have a very fruitful relationship, and if you want to get outside traffic for your products on Amazon, Google is probably the best place to start.