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Test your A+ content: Amazon lets you do A/B testing to check which version sells best

– Written by Jérôme de Guigné

Did you know you can do A/B testing on your Amazon A+ content?

It’s an easy way for you to find out what formats work best for your enhanced listings content.

What is A+ content?

A+, also called Enhanced Brand Content, is the enriched content with pictures and more text ‘below the fold’.

On mobile, depending on the category, it can be displayed below the product picture, even before the bullet points – so it’s important.

At e-Comas we’ve tested A+ on many products in different categories, and found it can boost your sales by 5-10%.

It’s a chance to put across your branding and product ethos, include more keywords, and let your product shine. You can use it to show brand ambassadors, or include emotive pictures that connect emotionally with your customer.

The quality and format of the content can make a huge difference.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is when a product has two separate versions of content both selling at the same time, to test which is more effective.

Using the A/B testing tool in Amazon’s Experiments Learning Center, Vendors and Sellers can load two different versions of A+ content onto the same ASIN.

At the end of the experiment, which can run from four to 10 weeks, Amazon provides sales data and predictive metrics, so you can see which was more successful and which is more likely to be successful over the next year.

Why do A/B testing?

e-Comas has had great success using the tool to test different types of content on the same product, to see which one is converting best.

We do this for major FMCG brands, so they can also test the sensitivity of certain topics for certain products: focusing on packaging (being environmentally friendly) for instance, or on certain benefits (pack size).

It’s worth running the test with significant, noticeable differences in the content, because minor differences are less likely to affect the buyer.

It can also be used to test basic A+ against premium A+, to see whether premium is worth the extra cost.

Once the test is done, the metrics provided will bring insights which can be used on all sales channels backed by data.

How can I access Experiments Learning Center?

It’s available only to high-traffic ASINs, to make sure there’s enough data at the end of the experiment to provide meaningful results. You can access it via Vendor Central or Seller Central.

If you need any help accessing this tool, or any other Amazon help, get in touch with us today!