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A Global, Full Service Amazon & Marketplace Agency

World class expertise to boost your eCommerce!

We define your eCommerce strategy with your team.
We offer Amazon consulting to solve your issues.
We can audit your eCommerce accounts with our COMPAS tool.

eCommerce strategy

We support brands to understand the key success factors, and define proven strategies for their eCommerce presence.

Discover our strategy

Amazon consulting

We help you solve pressing issues with our team of experts, who know how to quickly unblock, solve and find solutions.

Consult with our experts

Account audit

COMPAS by e-Comas provides you insights on how you are doing on Amazon, but also on the market & the competition, guiding you to better sales and profits.

Take a closer look

Our 4‑step approach

  1. Define strategy
  2. Manage operations
  3. Grow traffic
  4. Drive conversion

Define strategy

  • We can audit your business's current success on Amazon.
  • We can provide training to you and your team.
  • We can research your market and competitors.
Boost your eCommerce

Manage operations

  • We can manage your account on multiple eCommerce platforms.
  • We cover Amazon in the Americas, Europe and Asia, Shopify, CDiscount, Veepee, Bol, Walmart, and more.
  • We can help you with logistics & VAT.
Run your eCommerce

Grow traffic

  • We can manage your advertising.
  • Whether it’s using PPC / Search, Amazon DSP / Programmatic, Google Search or Facebook and Instagram.
  • We can help with social media campaigns.
Enhance your advertising

Drive conversion

  • We can help you create outstanding listings.
  • We can manage your product information.
  • We can globalise your listings content.
Maximise your content

eCommerce strategy

Defining an eCommerce strategy consists of different steps:

  • Audit: we study your presence, the health of your accounts and the market dynamics, the size of your competition.
  • Workshop: usually for a full day where we will deliver the results of our audit, a gap analysis and train you on the key success factors to win in eCommerce.
  • Deliverable: a clear strategy on where to play, with which account, which pricing & portfolio strategy, and in what timeframe.

Amazon consulting

Our team of world class experts will solve your most pressing issues:

  • Brand registration: to register your brand, protect it and make sure you own the content online.
  • Account reinstatement: your account is blocked? Let us look into it, and bring it back to life. But careful this takes time and patience.
  • Catalogue issues: your content is lost, Amazon is not responding, and nothing is showing, let us look into it and get it back live.
  • Vendor negotiation: you are locked with amazon on negotiations, let us support you to get the best outcome for your brand.

Account Audit

Compas is our in-house auditing tool for your eCommerce business. It uses machine learning and data analytics to:

  • Capture customers' expectations, preferences, experiences and feedback about your products.
  • Present high level trends in review scores.
  • Extract customers’ sentiment about specific products/categories (positive/neutral/negative).

Your Compas report reveals what your company is doing well and where you are lagging behind, acting like a compass in helping you follow future directions, based on the four pillars of our eCommerce growth model.